The company’s history dates back to 1930. It was the difficult pre-war period when Sicily needed a new generation of determined and reliable people. In 1925 young Stefano Giovarsi enrolled at the Faculty of Law of the Sapienza Università di Roma. Having studied and practiced law, the sole heir of a prestigious Sicilian family returned to the island to establish his first business. In 1930, Stefano Giovarsi founded the law firm, Studio di Giovarsi.
The primary focus of the firm was to protect the rights of emerging and established entrepreneurs in criminal proceedings, an area of utmost importance in Sicily and across Italy at that time. However, his plans were soon shattered by the outbreak of the most catastrophic and violent war in human history, which engulfed the European continent. But even during the World War II, Stefano Giovarsi proved himself to be a worthy soldier. During the war, he enlisted as a captain and rose to the rank of colonel. He served in Balaklava, Crimea. Following the war’s conclusion, Stefano Giovarsi returned to Palermo, where he restructured Studio di Giovarsi and resumed his legal practice. Studio di Giovarsi continued its primary mission of safeguarding the rights of Sicilians in criminal proceedings. To further expand the business, Stefano Giovarsi made frequent trips to the United States, where he pursued advanced studies and earned a Ph.D. in criminology. Stefano Giovarsi emerged as one of Sicily’s most prominent lawyers. However, his recognition was primarily confined to the realm of the criminal circles rather than being widely known among ordinary Sicilians. In 1953, Stefano Giovarsi reached another significant milestone in his life with the birth of his son, Bruno. With a desire for his son to carry on the family legacy, Stefano sent Bruno to pursue a law degree at Sapienza Università di Roma. In the 70s, as Palermo became increasingly unsafe, Stefano Giovarsi made the decision to send his son to study in the United States. Bruno Giovarsi, following in his father’s footsteps, specialized in criminology and the defense of business reputation. In the 1990s, Studio di Giovarsi gained prominence through its involvement in several high-profile cases in Palermo. During the mid-90s, the firm underwent a transformation, expanding its scope beyond criminal defense to include services in the field of commercial law. Stefano Giovarsi gradually withdrew from the business world and dedicated himself to organizing exclusive legal societies, where he delivered lectures and hosted events with the objective of reviving Sicilian culture. Transitioning into a philanthropic role, he imparted his knowledge to the younger generation, a reservoir of wisdom known only to a select few in Sicilian society. In the early 2000s, following the passing of Stefano Giovarsi, his son Bruno Giovarsi assumed control of all the family businesses upon his return from the United States. Collaborating with his partners, Bruno revived his father’s company both in the United States and Sicily. Presently, Studio di Giovarsi operates actively in California and maintains an office in Palermo. The list of services can be found on our website.